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David is the ultimate musician with a strong work ethic, achieving artistic results with great finesse.

David Harris is a consummate musician with a highly varied and diverse background.  From the Kansas City area, David began playing piano at the age of two years old.  David received degrees in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy from Wichita State University.  

In his earlier years, he made his stage debut at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City at the age of ten.  He later was music director for the Empire House Restaurant and Theater and The Crown Uptown Professional Dinner Theater in Wichita, Kansas.  While in Wichita, he played for several churches, developing his skills as an organist.

He is currently the Director of Music and Organist at St. Thomas Aquinas Church, Fairfield, Connecticut.  David has also served as pianist for three Off-Broadway musical productions at the York Theatre Company in New York City, including Taking A Chance On Love, Postcards On Parade and The Grass Harp.  David has performed at Feinstein's (Lowes Regency) with Barbara Schottenfeld, and accompanied voice/music theatre master classes with Paul Bogaev.  Moreover, David has worked for many organizations, including the prestigious Rodgers and Hammerstein Foundation in New York City.  David has been a concert and recording artist with a world renowned theatre organist, and toured the Netherlands, Europe and the United States as the Piano/Theatre Organ "Dynamic Duo" of David Harris and Jelani Eddington.  David is one of the tones in the performing vocal trio, "Two Tones and a Diva" with Opera/Cross Over Artists, Jodi Keogan and Mark Watson.  David is currenty the Music Director for the 'ASK' (After School at the Klein Auditorium) program.  In addition to local theatre projects, David is often seen performing at private parties, restaurants,  piano bars, fund raising galas and cabarets in the greater New York City and Connecticut area.

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